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​​Modeling should be considered actual fun, fashionable modeling.  Contestants are allowed to show personality in their modeling, but they are not permitted to do any splits, high kicks, jumps, gymnastics, tumbling, jumping jacks or anything else that is considered a skill. A skill is something that you have to practice and learn.

No matter what you are modeling, be sure not to be over the top. Remember, it’s not a performance, but a model walk. If a judge gets “lost” in what you are doing and it’s too much, they will forget to look at you. This sometimes causes the judge to be overwhelmed and a contestant may not score well because of it. Remember that “routines” belong in “glitz” pageants, not in a natural pageant.  PROPS ARE ALLOWED.  One example would be, if you wear a cheerleader outfit, you can have pom poms but don't over use them so they cause the judge to be distracted from your actually modeling.

Modeling is scored with 1-10 points for the outfit and 1-10 points for your modeling abilities, for a total of up to 20 eligible points.


Western Wear
Decade Wear
​Team Sport Wear
​Casual Wear
​Party Wear
School Spirit Wear ​
Business Wear
State Wear or Patriotic Wear (to represent your state or the USA)
Outfit of Choice (ethnic wear, dance wear, costume, etc.)

Here are some examples of modeling outfits by our National Royalty
WESTERN WEAR                           

​BUSINESS WEAR                            

​​​​​DECADE WEAR                      



​​​​​​School Wear                       

State/Patriotic Wear                            

​​Party  Wear                        


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Outfit of Choice (Does NOT fit into any of the other categories, like ethnic wear and dance wear.)